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Membership Information

Thanks to Caity Stackhouse for photo


To join or renew, download the membership form and fill out completely. New members also download and fill out the waiver form. Each member must fill out their own waiver, initial each provision and sign the form. Add your check, and mail to:


3111 S. Valley View #E125

Las Vegas NV 89102

Attn: Membership

or you can drop in at the Shop (same address), fill out the forms and pay there.

Single membership is $25 per year and Family membership is $35 per year. A family membership can include a spouse or significant other residing at the same address as the primary member. It also includes children and grandchildren under 18 years of age.


The SNGMS membership year is Jan 1 to Dec 31. Members who join during October, November, and December are granted membership until Dec 31 of the following year. Between Jan 1 and Jan 31 of each year a member who is late paying their dues may pay a $5 reinstatement fee along with their dues to maintain an uninterrupted membership, otherwise they are enrolled as a new member.

Benefits of SNGMS Membership

  • Attend field trips guided by knowledgeable members to pre-scouted areas

  • Use the SNGMS Shop resources for a small fee

  • Attend SNGMS classes to expand knowledge for a small fee

  • Enjoy the companionship of fellow rockhounds. The more experienced members are more than happy to welcome complete beginners so this is a great way to get started

  • Encourage youth participation in the hobby by supporting the Youth/Rock Star program.  Have your children and/or grandchildren attend the Youth/Rock Stars group

  • Enjoy a discount from participating merchants

  • Receive emailed or mailed Slab bulletin monthly as well as updated information on club activities via email

  • Participate in furthering the hobby by volunteering with SNGMS

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