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Membership Information


To join or renew, download the membership form and fill out completely. New members also download and fill out the waiver form. Each member must fill out their own waiver, initial each provision and sign the form. Add your check, and mail to:


3111 S. Valley View #E125

Las Vegas NV 89102

Attn: Membership

or you can drop in at the Shop (same address), fill out the forms and pay there.

The SNGMS membership year is Jan 1 to Dec 31. Members who join during October, November, and December are granted membership until Dec 31 of the following year. Between Jan 1 and Jan 31 of each year a member who is late paying their dues may pay a $5 reinstatement fee along with their dues to maintain an uninterrupted membership, otherwise they are enrolled as a new member.

Field Trips

Field trips are held at various times throughout the year to many locations.


In the event of rainfall 24 hours prior to a trip, excessive winds, or other issues trips may be cancelled. Watch your email for updates. 

Upcoming Trips: see your latest newsletter or your club emails.

Field Trip Safety:

  • Watch out for snakes, scorpions and spiders, especially when turning over a rock.

  • Don't wander off alone, out of sight of others.

  • Pair up with a partner when exploring.

  • Drink plenty of water, dehydration is a big danger in the desert.

  • Stay out of abandoned mines. A cave in could ruin your day.

  • Keep an eye on the weather, a sudden rainstorm miles away, can cause a flash flood.

  • Wear safety glasses when using your rock hammer or chisel.

  • Never lick a rock; Some minerals are poisonous, always use a spray bottle, instead.

  • Always wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Wear protective clothing and boots.

  • Sandals are for the beach; not the desert.

  • If you are leaving the collecting area early, notify the trip leader.

  • Use lots of common sense and have a good time.

  • Some areas may require a hard hat to be worn.

What to bring:

  • food & snacks

  • sunscreen & lip balm,

  • plenty of water

  • rock hammer, pick & chisel

  • favorite digging tool

  • camera

  • empty buckets or rock bags

  • gloves & safety glasses

  • walking stick

  • sunglasses

  • paper towels & newspaper for wrapping rocks

  • first aid kit with signal whistle and mirror

  • cellphone (remote areas may or may not have service)

  • two way radios, binoculars and GPS are also helpful.


Print and fill out Field Trip Liability form to give to field trip leader.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are much appreciated and always needed!  All positions at SNGMS are filled by volunteers.

There are many different ways you can pitch in and help, from assisting with the set up and tear down at the annual show, running for an office, being part of a committee, teaching a class, or helping out at the shop.

Additional Members Information