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Lifetime Members

Life membership is a distinguished and privileged title extended to an adult member with a minimum of ten years membership and who has made a significant contribution to the club. They must be nominated and approved by the Board of Directors and the general membership.

  • Frank Auerswald

  • Lue Bartlett

  • Wes Bryant

  • Diane Burgess

  • Sue Dobson

  • Tony Duran

  • Jason Fabbi

  • Cliff Jackson

  • Sheri Johnson

  • Beth Jones

  • Michael Kirk

  • Bill Moore

  • Peggy Sue Moore

  • Rima Muth

  • Wayne Muth

  • Mary Beth Paladino

  • Pat Skeary

  • JoAnn Sprott

  • Mick Sprott

  • Lorrilee Stackhouse

  • Phyllis Syzdek

  • Nancy Tatum

  • Jack Toogood

  • Del Walkenshaw

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