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General Meetings

Come to our General Meeting. Guest speakers are often featured and have included professional geologists, mineralogists, gemologists, mining specialists, historians, and knowledgeable rockhounds. Visitors are always welcome at the meetings, come and get to know us!

Where: The Fraternal Order of Eagle's Lodge, 1601 E. Washington, Las Vegas, NV 89101

When: meeting starts at 6 PM

2024 Dates: 

  • April 1

  • May 6

  • June 3

  • July 1

  • August 5

  • September 9

  • Octover 7

  • November 4

Board Meetings

Board meetings are usually held on the Thursday prior to the General Meeting at 4 or 6 p.m and are held at the SNGMS Shop or in Henderson at Desert Art Supply.  Board meetings are open to adult members only. The exact dates, time, and location are published in the Polished Slab Newsletter.

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